Driving Lessons

We all have that teacher that sticks with us. The one whose words of wisdom we remember years later. That’s exactly how we teach at Bayley's Driving School. We'll teach you how to drive safely on the road and you’ll remember it years from now.

Whether you want an automatic licence for easy highway driving or want to become one with the car by getting your manual licence, we'll have a lot of fun as you learn how to navigate the roads with safety and confidence.

As a bonus, we'll even pick you up and drop you off.

Lessons Manual Automatic *
Driving Lesson $75 / hour $70 / hour
Driving Lesson + Test $150 (2 hours) $150 (2 hours)
Refresher Driving Lesson ** $75 / hour $70 / hour


* If you pass your automatic licence, you may only operate an automatic vehicle.  Passing a manual licence enables you to drive both manual and automatic vehicles.  We're more than happy to help you feel at home with either transmission.

** Includes basic maintenance in the students vehicle to improve the students skills and driving safety for life (some peace of mind for some parents).

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