Robert Bayley

Robert Bayley has a wealth of road knowledge and testing requirements. Robert has a good understanding of local roads rules around the Sydney Metro area to assist drivers for their driving test. With over 28yrs driving experience and a passion for road safety and best driving practises, student drivers feel at ease leaning these new skills for life.

Robert also has 17yrs as a professional driver as an emergency services responder to many motor traffic crashes. Throughout this time Robert has attended a large number of serious traffic crashes and seen the results of poor decision making and silly driving errors. There would be very few driving instructors that have attended as many traffic crashes and seen the results of poor judgment and decision making as Robert has through his life. Robert uses this knowledge and experience to educate and train young/inexperienced drivers, better decision making and safer driving techniques.

Robert has a very calm relaxed and friendly attitude while instructing and really enjoys the 'proud parent' feeling that comes with seeing a student receive their drivers licence.

Lucky Bardis

Lucky Bardis

Hi, I'm Lucky.

I have been a manual driving instructor for the last 10 years and have taught my three children how to drive a manual as well. I have a new model Hyundai i30.

I can also do AUTO lessons in the students car.

I'll also be teaching the Keys 2 drive course shortly.

Look forward to seeing you behind the wheel.

Ash Gillen

Ash Gillen

Ash Gillen has over 48yrs in the motor industry after obtaining a trade quaification and working a number of years at a leading Australian motor manufacturer. Ash also worked as a driving instructor at the NRMA's driving simulator and was involved with presentations from the Motor Accident Authority.

Ash has a Certificate IV in driving instruction. He is an accredited Aged Driving Assessor and coach for the Safe Driving Course and a member of
the Australian Driver Trainers Assosciation.

Ash's calm, understanding nature and vast knowledge of driving makes him well suited to teaching nervous and anxious students.

Jerry Ozbrok

Jerry Ozbrok

Jerry is a very qualified driving instructor where he has gained experience in this industry from around the world.  Jerry has worked in the UK, NSW and Qld as a driving instructor and learnt safe driving habits from some of the busiest cities in the world. Jerry has all his required qualifications like Working with Children and Driving Instructing Licence.  Jerry has furthered his education and will to teach and completed his Teaching Certificate.

Jerry is very patient and polite and willing to help all students to achieve thier learning goals.


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